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7 Essential Tips to Help You Find the Right Type of Builder in Hassocks

Tips For Choosing The Right Builder

Are you looking to convert your loft? Perhaps you want to build an extension, or add more rooms to your home. Whatever you want to do, you’ll need to find the right builders in Hassocks to get the job done. How do you know you’re hiring the right people? Here are some tips to help you in your search.

Ask Around

The very first thing you want to do when looking into builders in Hassocks is to ask around friends and family. Has anyone had building work done on their home recently? Talk to them, ask them who they used, and what they thought of the service. They’re very likely to be honest about the service they got, and will help you see if there’s a builder that you should consider for your project.

Check For Accreditation

Before you even talk to a builder, take a look to see if they’re fully accredited. You can usually see on their website the trade bodies they’re associated with. As a further check, go the sites of those trade bodies and search for those companies. If the builder you’re considering shows up, that’s a good sign. When they’re a part of a trade body, they’ll need to adhere to a code of practice. This will ensure that you’ll get top quality work from these builders in Hassocks.

Ask About Their Experience

While you’re on a builder’s website, you should see some examples of the work they’ve done in the past. Take a look at what they have to offer you. Do they examples of what they can do? This should involve write ups of the work they did, and photos of the building work.

You can also talk to the builders in Hassocks, and ask them about what they did. Do they have experience in what you need from them? Do they have any accreditation in the area of work you’re looking for? It’s always best to pick a builder who has experience with the type of work you want.

Look At Reviews

The good thing about researching online is that you can easily see reviews of any builder you’re thinking of using. Typically, they’ll post reviews on their website. That’s a good way of seeing what they do well, and what you can expect of them.

As well as this, look for reviews on other review sites too. Typically, Which, MyBuilder and TrustPilot are excellent third party review sites, and you’ll get a very honest opinion about the builders in Hassocks that you’re looking at.

Look For Guarantees And Insurance

Any good builders in Hassocks should be confident in the work that they can offer you. Because of this, they should be fully insured to work on your property. They should also offer guarantees on their work, so they will come back and put things right within a certain period of time, if needs be.

Typically this information should be on their website, but make sure you ask too. You can also ask to see certificates of insurance, so you can feel sure about hiring them.

Check The Payment Terms

One sure fire way to check if a builder is reputable is to ask about the payment terms. Any good builders in Hassocks will set up a schedule for payments that will be done as the work is being done, and they’ll agree on this with you before they start. Less reputable companies will ask for the money up front, and that’s a sign that you’ll want to stay away from them.


Ask When They Can Start

Finally, ask any builders in Hassocks that you’re considering when they can start work. You’re looking to see if they can be realistic about the time frames they’re offering you. The right builder is one that’s honest about how busy they are, and will give you a realistic start date. If they’re saying they can start quickly, that could lead to delays as they have to keep putting the start date back.

With these tips, you’ll be able to find the right builders in Hassocks for you. Make sure you ask about what they can do, and check out a few different builders before settling on one.


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