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Have you ever thought about ways you could benefit from loft conversions? While home refurbishments and property renovations improve the house in a significant way, with property extensions adding extra space, loft conversions make an existing area habitable. Depending on the type of conversion you choose, our team of builders can tailor the environment to suit your ambitions. Whether you own a small home in Burgess Hill or a larger property across Sussex, Sinclair & Jones Building Contractors Ltd will work to your specifications to ensure you come away thrilled with the results.

Loft conversions may take the form of a boxed dormer, a mansard space with an expanded roof, or hip-to-gable structural changes. Read on for ways to use your conversion or get in touch to ask about property renovations and home refurbishments in Burgess Hill.

Do you have questions about a building project? We are always willing to answer your questions and provide guidance on any building or renovation project.

A Double Bedroom – Even in smaller homes, the attic often has a large amount of space to offer. This makes loft conversions a great option when you need a new bedroom, either for yourself or a growing child. Skilled in home refurbishments, property renovations and property extensions alike, our in-house builders can undertake all aspects of the project to create a stunning new bedroom in a style that suits the occupant.

A Gaming or Reading Room – Tired of trying to find some peace in a busy household? Enjoy a personalised space in Burgess Hill by choosing Sinclair & Jones Building Contractors Ltd. Our team of expert builders can develop a tranquil setting with the decorative scheme to match, and with efficient storage to keep your books, games and supplies in great condition.

Reading rooms aren’t just the domain of loft conversions, however. Property extensions also give you the chance to add to the home, with a bespoke room built from the ground up. We can complement this new space with full-house property renovations and home refurbishments.

A High-Performing Office – Companies across Burgess Hill now see remote working as a practical option. This may be ideal for homeowners with the right amount of space, but less so for those living in cramped conditions. Our team of builders may recommend loft conversions as a way to add a quiet office so that you can remain productive without disruption.

For those who prefer to keep the loft as it is, we can change the layout of your home or expand it through property renovations, home refurbishments and property extensions – giving you a downstairs office in the perfect spot.

A Hobby Den or Cinema Room – If you’re a keen artist in Burgess Hill or love movies, then why not support your hobby with a unique hangout? As a team of builders that can bring nearly all building services in-house, we develop special environments that support a wide range of leisure activities.

From loft conversions to home refurbishments, property extensions and new developments, we operate an efficient service across Burgess Hill. Our team leaves each home clean and tidy and provides friendly advice on how to use your space to maximum effect.‍

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