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5 Unique Facts You Should Know About Loft Conversions

5 Unique Facts You Should Know About Loft Conversions

Desiring to add extra space to your home without extending its footprint is something you may want, but avoid thinking of the hassle it would bring. Loft conversions are one of the best hassle-free ways to get the job done. Whether you want to add a home office or a guest room, it can help you in many ways. Here are some facts about loft conversions you should know.

Loft Conversions Interesting Facts While Planning For Home Renovation

  • Not all roofs are suitable for loft conversion: You need to check whether loft conversion is an option for your property, as it cannot suit every roof. Certain factors must be checked, like roof structure, pitch, and head height, and also look for obstacles like chimney stacks or water tanks.
  • House Foundation: Loft conversion to an existing property will stress your house foundation, so it has to be inspected before starting the entire process. The foundations have to be deep enough to support the additional weight.
  • Building Regulations Approval: While planning loft conversion, you must get building regulations approval. Your site will be required to inspect by the building control surveyor at multiple stages and will issue a completion certificate after the final inspection. 
  • Soundproofing: You must consider soundproofing elements while converting a loft. This can also be easily incorporated with the help of a heavier, denser sound insulation quilt while insulating part walls and floors.
  • Ventilation: You must ensure proper ventilation to avoid condensation risk and ensure good air quality.
  • Does loft conversion affect home insurance: You must inform your house insurance provider of any significant building work and changes in the overall structure to prevent the risk of invalidating your policy.
  • Insulation method for loft conversion: You can insulate your roof using cold and warm roof methods. But the latter isn’t a practical option without stripping off the roof coverings. You can also insulate the floor and walls by laying the mineral fibre quilt between joists.
  • Loft conversion windows: You can use dormer windows or roof lights to bring in natural light. While roof lights are a more pocket-friendly option, the latter can add space and give natural light simultaneously.

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