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What Are The Benefits of Loft Conversions In Your Property?

5 Unique Facts You Should Know About Loft Conversions_sinclair

Many people look for an easy option to add more space to their homes. Whether you want to add a storage solution or make room for a small gym space, having an option that’s easy on the pocket is something we all prefer. Loft conversions in Haywards Heath can be your saviour. You can utilise your redundant space effectively with this option. If you are still confused about opting for loft conversion, here’s why it is the best choice as compared to other alternatives.

Reason to Opt For Loft Conversions

  1. Increased Usable Space: You need more space when you are about to welcome a new family member or the younger generation approaches their teenage years. One of the key benefits of converting a loft is it solves the issue of lack of living space. Moving to a new property sounds cool, but we all would agree that it comes with a lot of hassle.
  2. Adds Value to Your Property: A loft conversion can increase your property’s value by nearly 10 percent. Prospective buyers sort after the features making a property stand out from the other options.
  3. Available in Different Styles: If you think a loft conversion means limited styles, let’s bust this myth. You will never be short of styles with loft conversions. You can ask the builder to tailor it as per your requirements. Typically, there are three types of loft conversions.
  • Dormer Conversion: This type not just renovates your current space but also adds a slight extension to the roof, allowing a sloped room to be vertical. It helps to provide extra headroom, natural light and floor space.
  • Hip to Gable Conversion: This type is ideal for properties with a sloped roof on one side. This involves extending the sloped side of the roof, meaning the slope will be replaced with a vertical wall.
  • Velux Conversion: This conversion uses the original shape and layout of the loft. However, it eventually creates the appearance of a larger space with the addition of Velux windows to the roof.

Sinclair & Jones Building Contractors Ltd

At Sinclair & Jones Building Contractors Ltd, we provide all types of loft conversions in Haywards Heath. We also provide various other building services. We ensure our clients get what they seek. Contact us today or check our website for more information about our services.

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