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Learn About Different Types Of Home Extensions: A Brief Guide

Types Of Home Extensions

Are you lacking space in your home? There are a number of affordable ways to add extra space to your existing property without much hassle. Among all, home extensions are one of the best choices and have gained massive popularity over the last few years. But you need to consider a variety of home extensions in Haywards Heath to choose the appropriate one for your purpose.

Different Types of Home Extensions You Should Know

There are mainly five types of home extensions. All of them provide a similar purpose, with each one adjusting to the individual property’s structure.

Double Storey Extension

A two-storey or double-storey extension is ideal for those wishing to get enough space with an extension. The property is extended with an additional level on top. But note that you require planning permission and a higher budget for a double-storey extension.

Over Structure Extension

Not everyone prefers to always extend from a ground level, or sometimes it isn’t possible. This type generally uses a garage as a base for building over it. It doesn’t include infringing on someone else’s space or sacrificing your garden area to make it work.

Rear Extension

It is the most simple of all and extends from the property’s back, typically the kitchen and into the lawn or backyard. It is ideal for properties with no side return and just one direction for an extension. It is less complex, and the required cost is also significantly low.

Side Return Extension

This type is similar to the rear extension. The only difference is the extension of the property is done to the side instead of the rear. It uses the small alleyway or side return between your and your neighbour’s property.

Wrap Around Extension

It is among the most preferred types of extension. It involves combining a rear and side return extension into one, wrapping around your property. It creates an L-shaped space that makes a big difference in your kitchen layout and the entire home. It is the perfect choice for the property with the ample luxurious garden area. It enables you to spread as far back into your garden as per your preference. You can use the available space for an open-plan kitchen or a comfy conservatory.

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