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Pros and Cons of Different Types of Home Extensions That You Can Try Out

Different Types of Home Extensions

Home additions are a smart way to add more space without making a hole in the pocket. In simple terms, it is an economical option. How much space do you need? Which type of extension suits your property? It would be best if you got the answers to these questions first. Contacting professional builders in Haywards Heath is the best way to get functional home extensions.

Learning about the pros and cons of different types of home extensions can help you decide on the best-suited option. Rest depends on the space availability, permissions required and the legalities you must adhere to implement the extensions.

What are the pros and cons of different home addition options?

Bump out additions

These are simple additions to the existing rooms. You can opt for these for bathrooms, bedrooms and even the kitchen. The best part of these additions is that they are relatively inexpensive. Your builder will knock down a wall and increase the floor space. Moreover, it’s an affordable option. A bump out will serve your purpose if you need only a room. There are better options than this if you want a lot of space. You need prior permission and suitable information about the property’s foundation to make this happen.

Build upward extension

This is a time-consuming process where the builder constructs a new floor above the existing one. If you’ve permission to increase the number of stories in your building, then there’s no better option than this one. It will give you space for your lifetime. Regardless of the benefits, this is a lengthy process and is a costlier option.

Expand outward

This is the most flexible option. This gives the builder the creative freedom to explore the designs. You can ask to expand the back, side, and front of the house. However, you need to take the permission of the neighbours to get this done. As it is an outward expansion, a builder must also check the space availability.

Single room extension

Sometimes a bump-out room extension isn’t enough. For those situations, single-room extension is a feasible process. This might seem like a big investment, but a complete construction process will help you get a separate room. However, this is only possible if you have enough property space. So the builder must take measurements first to move ahead with this type of expansion.

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